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Common Car Rental Mistakes You Must Avoid

Renting a car for an upcoming road trip? We’re here to help you avoid the most common vehicle hire mistakes so you can get out on the open road without a hitch.

One of the best ways to travel is by car – after all, who doesn’t love a road trip? There’s something captivating about miles and miles of motorway stretching ahead of you as your favourite music plays and you chat and laugh with your passengers. However, before you can get to the joy of the journey, you hav...

The New Age: Top Road Trip Apps

These days, heading off on a road trip isn’t what it used to be – and we mean that in the best possible way! The days of having to take a library of paper maps to plan your route and keep you on the right track are over, and with the rise of the Internet age, getting from A to B via as...

Buckle Up for a Stress-Free Road Trip

If you yearn for that ultimate feeling of freedom, with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, going on a road trip is probably very appealing. Well, we’re certainly not going to argue, because at LowerHire, we know everything there is to know about hiring a car abroad. The in...

What You Need to Know About Car Rental as a Young Driver

If you’re thinking about planning a road trip either on your own or with a group of mates, don’t let car rental prices bring you down. If you do enough research, you’re bound to find a company that can offer you a better deal. Plus, if you travel with friends, you can all split the cost to make things a little more affordable. Here are a few extra things you’ll be glad to know before going ahead with your first car hire at a young age.

Road trips are popular getaway...

Electric Car Hire: Go Green on Your Next Journey

The Low Emission Mission

Hiring an electric vehicle (EV) has so many benefits, but the most obvious plus is that these cars are significantly better for the environment than their diesel counterparts. With zero tailpipe emissions and increased energy efficiency, you can...

Top Tips for Driving Abroad for the First Time

Know Before You Go

Part of the joys of travelling abroad is experiencing different customs and cultures around the world. However, as fascinating as that may be when you’re sampling local foods or attending foreign festivals, it can potentially be cause for alarm when i...