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Electric Car Hire: Go Green on Your Next Journey

In recent years, there’s been a huge push to ‘go green’, and many car hire companies are starting to realise that soon conventional, petrol and diesel-powered vehicles will be a thing of the past. If you’re thinking about renting a car for your next holiday, we at LowerHire advise that you consider the fantastic benefits of an electric motor. 

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to rental companies offering electric car hire, so just make sure you know the basic ...

Top Tips for Driving Abroad for the First Time

Hiring a car while travelling abroad gives you many things, such as freedom and boot space, but one thing it shouldn’t give you is anxiety. If you’re worried about driving in a foreign country, don’t be! These five simple tips will put your mind at rest.

If you’ve never...

Seven Ways to Avoid Being Ripped Off by Vehicle Rentals

There’s always the temptation when signing a rental agreement to skim over the small print like it’s nothing to worry about, but sometimes lack of attention can result in unexpected bills. Since so many holidaymakers have fallen victim to this when hiring a vehicle for their travels, w...

How to Keep the Kids Happy on a Long Car Journey

Many keen travellers are put off the idea of long car journeys once children are in the equation, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Though little ones can be challenging when they have to spend a prolonged amount of time in a car seat, there are plenty of ways to deal with (and even avoid) the whinging and whining.

In this post we’ll talk about some of our top tips for travelling with children in the car, so whether you’re planning a camping trip or just fancy a...

Getting to Grips With Hire Car Insurance Abroad

Our Policies

Most people who regularly use rental vehicles understand the concept of the ‘excess’ that every company charges. If the vehicle is stolen or sustains any damage while it’s in your possession, you’re required to pay a certain amount towards the company’s cos...

From the Experts Direct! Car Excess Insurance and Other Tips

Plan to Perfection

You probably spend hour upon hour finessing every different component of your holiday plans, so making sure you organise your rental car before you leave is no less important. The early bird always catches the worm, so the sooner you make a booking, t...