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Why You Need Excess Insurance for Car Hire

When you’re heading off on an independent holiday at home or abroad, having the freedom of a vehicle at your disposal is extremely appealing. Renting a car at your destination is the natural and convenient choice to make, but you need to ensure you’re protected against any financial responsibility in the case of incidents.

One of the most common mistakes is discovering too late that you’re liable for huge excess charges, but that’s where LowerHire’s excess insurance...

Understanding the Loss Damage Waiver

If you’re travelling abroad and intend to hire a vehicle, you might need another holiday by the time you’ve finished reading all the fine print of your rental agreement. It seems some companies really are out to bamboozle you with their policy wording, so it’s important that you don’t ...

The Secrets to Saving While Using a Hire Car

Even if you’re travelling close to home, hiring a car can turn out to be quite an expensive business. Thankfully, saving money is part of our expertise here at LowerHire, and with our car hire excess insurance, UK holidays or business trips with a rented vehicle can become a lot more a...

Learning The Basics: Car Hire Insurance Abroad

Are you a regular holidaymaker and car-hirer? You’re not alone – vehicles are rented all over the world throughout the year, but all too often drivers are faced with hefty and unexpected fines if something goes wrong. It might sound tedious, but before you hire your next car overseas, you’ll want to make sure you’re clued up about insurance. In particular, LowerHire’s excess policies.

If you want to find out more about excess charges and car hire insurance abroad, s...

The Collision Damage Waiver: Explained

What is a CDW?

A CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is a type of protection that you may be offered by the rental company. Though at a first glance it may appear rather useful, a CDW will not necessarily stop you having to pay out completely. T...

Car Rental: How to Save Money by Buying Peace of Mind

Why Do I Need the Policy in the First Place?

We’re sure you know this by now if you’re often on the open road, but it’s worth reiterating that investing in car hire excess cover is a no brainer. The Loss or