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Tips on Preparing Your Pet for a Road Trip

Everyone loves a good road trip – and that includes four-legged friends! It goes without saying that having an animal in the car can add extra distractions for the driver, but with enough preparation, you can make sure everyone has a secure ride. Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep everyone’s favourite furry friend cool, calm and comfortable to ensure the whole clan stays safe while out on the road.

Don’t forget that not every rental company is as keen as you are about having your furry companion along for the ride – it’s worth doing some research to make sure you’re renting from a pet-friendly company before you go.

Pack a Travel Kit

Keep your animal comfortable by packing a travel kit for them before you go. Important items might include a bed or blanket for them to stay comfortable during the car ride, but also any toys, leads and bowls they might need during the journey. Other essential items to keep on hand include a first-aid kit, any medication they need and extra food.

Bring Important Documents

Just in case, make sure you bring any important documents with you for your road trip. This way if anything happens to your pet while you are away from home, you can take them to a vet along with proper identification, vaccination records and any other health certificates they might need.

Practise Driving Before the Big Journey

If your furry friend is going to be in the car for a while during your travels, you should familiarise them with being inside a vehicle ahead of time. One good way to do this is to take them on shorter rides so they can get used to being in a moving vehicle. This is especially important for larger animals like dogs or cats.

Restrain Your Pet

Like humans, animals should have a seat belt or another kind of harness to restrain them during the journey. After all, an animal roaming free in a moving car is a huge distraction to the driver and could result in an accident. Purchase a harness, pet seat belt or use their carrier to keep them secure.

Take Breaks

Particularly when travelling with dogs, it’s important to take frequent breaks. Dogs require bathroom breaks and opportunities to stretch their legs, so plan your breaks accordingly and you and your dog will be thankful for the frequent rest stops along the way.

Don’t Leave Your Pet Alone

No matter when you travel or where, make sure someone stays with your pet during the entirety of your holiday. Animals can get nervous in new situations like a road trip and your nearby presence will keep them calm (and stop them making a mess in the vehicle!).

Car Hire Excess Insurance

One last thing before you head off on your road trip is to make sure you have car hire excess insurance. It’s impossible to know when something could happen to your hired vehicle, and (especially if you’re travelling with an animal for the first time) it’s always better to be prepared. Car hire excess insurance will protect you against outrageous extra fees in the case of anything happening to your vehicle during your journey.

No matter where you travel, bringing your pet along for a road trip can add special memories to an already exciting experience. Just be sure to take along the proper documentation and personal items, familiarise your pet with a vehicle ahead of time and stay with your animal during the whole journey to make the most out of your pet-friendly adventure. If you’d like to find out about our comprehensive car hire excess insurance, simply get in touch.