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Must-Visit Spots on a Trip to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an extraordinary country rich in both history and culture. Home to countless hidden gems, it truly is the perfect place for a road trip. We’ve compiled a list of six top spots that you simply have to visit on your trip to the Netherlands.

Markthal Rotterdam

This striking market hall located in Rotterdam is a must-visit. Its glass-cladded horseshoe arch structure stands at an impressive 34 metres high, and it’s home to both residential apartments and countless food stalls. To add to the market hall’s remarkability, its stunning ceiling is decorated with intricate, brightly-coloured artwork of food and plants for you to admire. Not only is the building a treat to look at but the ample selection of food on offer is to die for, too!

Hoorn Binnenhaven

While we’re on the subject of food, the historic seafaring town of Hoorn is not only a charming place to explore, but it’s also home to Hoofdtoren. The head tower houses a distinctive and delicious restaurant that all food lovers must visit.

Boekhandel Dominicanen Maastricht

If you had to visit just one place on your road trip, this would be it. Located within a 700-year-old cathedral, it’s not hard to see why it was voted as the most beautiful bookshop in the world by The Guardian in 2008. Found in Maastricht of Limburg, this bookshop is utterly breath-taking, with the astonishing contrast between the ancient architecture and the modern black metal shelving structure. Give it a visit and you’ll know just what The Guardian was talking about.

Stadspark Maastricht

Also located in Limburg’s Maastricht, this city park is centuries old and found in the corner of the town. So vast it’s divided into separate sections, it’s the perfect space to escape from the busier tourist spots of the town. Have a wander and admire the scenic surroundings and relax in the ambience.


Another green space, Fort Bourtange is a tiny village encircled by grassland and moats in Groningen. Constructed to keep out the Germans in 1593, it is now home to museums, shops and cafes, which all make it a truly unique place to visit on your travels.

The Hunebedden

Found mainly in the Drenthe province, these impressive boulders have been standing for over 5000 years. Known as ‘giants’ beds’ or dolmens, the rocks are arranged as such to create caves that would have at one time been used as a burial chamber. Today, you can crawl under and inside to truly be in the heart of Scandinavian history (minus the dead bodies of course).

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